Film Car Hire

Whether you are looking for the perfect car for the movie shot of your next blockbuster or searching for a car to complement your promotional campaigns, Luxcar provides you with an exquisite collection of luxury cars.

Luxcar lets you hire cars from its showcase for Commercial, TV and Film shoots, Photo Shoots, Product and Event launches, PR and Marketing campaigns, Promotional opportunities, Exhibitions and Shows, Corporate Parties and Conferences, Parades, Shopping centre displays, and many other special events.

Our featured luxury vehicles include Ferrari 488, Lamborghini Huracan, Rolls Royce Ghost, Bentley Flying Spur, and many more. With our luxury and classic car collections, you are bound to make heads turn. Our cars are well maintained and have the luxurious appearance for your filming purposes, making sure it looks perfect for that special shot. Our friendly and professional staff will make the entire hiring process smooth for you and you can have the car in no time.

Our vehicles are fully insured and are handed over to you at the shooting site in perfect polished condition. Not only the exterior but also the interior is fully cleaned up and sparkled up.

Luxcar offer the largest and outstanding collection of striking car hire in New South Wales. You can choose any car depending on your requirements from our fleet of super cars by requesting an online quote. You can take a tour of our gallery to view our showcase and choose one for the spotlight.

If you do not find the car of your choice, then feel free to drop us a query and we can outsource the car for you because we value all of our customers.

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